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Custom Clearance Agents

Custom Clearance Freight Forwarding

T S Europe aims to provide you with the best services at very reasonable prices. We are an independent UK-based freight forwarding and customs clearing agent company that offers a wide range of import and export services.

Customs clearance is a step that your international shipment cannot avoid, both before and after it arrives at its destination.

Good preparation can help you avoid unnecessary delays and frustration.

Customs clearance and the payment of duties (also referred to as "tariffs") can be complex to manage. But whether you are the shipper or the consignee, there are great chances that you will be responsible for the import or export customs brokerage of your shipment.

Customs clearance is a necessary but complex procedure.

We are here to help ensure that you never have to deal with the confusion, stress, and delays involved in having incorrect paperwork. We handle customs procedures in-house for imports and exports at all UK ports and airports. We also have a wide range of facilities and solutions to choose from for businesses of any size.

Our team is developing our tech to further prepare and support both old and new customers. This support will ensure you meet the new customs clearance formalities. Find out more about how we can help you.

Don’t get caught short

    When you’ve worked so hard to get your product to where it needs to be on time, the last thing you need is costly customs clearance mistakes or delays. Fortunately, our skilled professionals can identify exactly what you require to get through customs with ease. Moreover, they are supported by the technology needed to achieve this with scalable precision, growing with your business.

    Speed up your customs

    Looking to shorten your lead times? Make sure you work with an AEO-accredited customs partner who can expedite your consignments through customs clearance controls, giving you the benefit of fewer checks and priority checks.

    Want to make sure you always have accurate paperwork? We offer both manual and automated customs portals, so nobody has to worry about whether the correct paperwork is on hand.

    Simplify your logistics

    Our customs clearance services are available as a stand-alone service or as a bolt-on to our other third-party logistics services -  including bonded warehousing, sea, air, and road freight forwarding. You can skilfully streamline your logistics and reduce your costs by outsourcing all your logistics activities to our multidisciplinary team.

    We are a very friendly, efficient, and customer-focused company.

    The progress we have made over the years is very open and above board and clearly reflects the feedback we have received from our customers.
    To see how we can help you, contact us today.

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    Our team will be more than happy to help your business succeed. We are passionate about transportation solutions, giving us the drive to meet your import and export needs.

    Talk to us. Give us a call on 0141 363 1012 for quote requests. You can also fill out our contact form or email us at enquiries@tseurope.co.uk for more concerns.

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