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Frozen Food Transport Services

TS Europe: Your Service Provider in Frozen Food Transport

TS Europe has access to an impressive range of temperature controlled vehicles, so the transportation and delivery of your frozen goods is secure and controlled. We utilise these in our frozen food delivery services to give you quality results. Our cutting edge temperature controlled solutions assist in keeping your frozen (or fresh) food shipments in perfect condition, arriving in exactly the same way as they were loaded, no matter how far the destination.

Frozen Food transport

We are able to handle shipments of frozen food regardless of their size or volume. From partial loads to full loads, we can guarantee that your shipment arrives having maintained it's ideal temperature with no fluctuation, even as part of a multi-drop delivery. Hire us as your courier in transporting your frozen food goods.

What You Get with TS Europe:

We understand that every degree counts, especially when it comes to down to your margins. If you have it wrong even by just 1°C, during transit the shelf life of your frozen goods can potentially be cut in half, or worse – depending on the product – can become unfit for sale.

Which is why we pay such close attention to every shipment entrusted to us. We can guarantee that no spoilage occurs when your goods are in our hands and that they arrive where they need to.

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Our highly advanced order tracking system will allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment on demand, 24/7, meaning the transition from our temperature controlled vehicles to your warehouse is as swift as humanly possible, further reducing any potential risks of spoilage, and giving you the power to keep the food on the shelf for longer.

Find out about our road freight frozen food transportation services. Call us on 0141 363 1012 or email for enquiries.

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