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    Full Truck Load / FTLDedicated / Express Van

    * Due to current demand, we are currently only offering part-load or groupage services to existing customers at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Business to Business Specialists

    Dedicated Vans, Groupage, LTL and FTL from and to Slovenia

    It's not always easy to find a well established, professional transportation company who are able to reliably deliver your cargo throughout Slovenia. Where many companies only choose to target specific areas of Slovenian market, most commonly Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje or Kranj – we are happy to go that extra mile – with the expertese to deliver to even the furthest regions of Solvenia and Central Europe.

    We specialise in transporting goods of all sizes efficiently and on-time to any location in Slovenia. Trusted by some of Europe's largest companies, we have the know-how and experience to efficiently handle your shipments whether it's a group of small packages, pallets, partial loads or a full truck load. We have the foundations and the network in place to get the job done.

    We treat every shipment with the care and priority you would expect, delivering it safetly from point A to point B quickly and always on time. Our attention to detail and careful planning allows us to offer a service that is unrivalled by our competition, even down to the smallest of factors. We are able to ensure that your cargo arrives just how it was sent, and also in your specified deadline.

    Furthermore, because of our unique and innovative tracking system, we are able to give our customers the ability to track and monitor their cargo from the moment it is loaded, providing proof of delivery and location updates in real time, 24 hours a day. Due to our impressively sized fleet of logistical professionals, and the frequency at which we move cargo throughout Central Europe, we're able to offer highly competitive prices, a second to none service, and we think most importantly, give you the freedom of spending less hours worrying about logistics, and more time focusing on the core of your business.

    Dedicated Vans, Groupage, LTL and FTL from and to Slovenia

    Transport services from and to Slovenia

    • Dedicated Vans, part and full truck loads.
    • Import and export services
    • Fast and reliable transit times
    • Daily departures for Dedicated Vans, part and full truck loads
    • Time slot delivery on request

    Transit Times

    Dedicated Vans – 2-3 days
    Full Trailer Loads – 3-5 days

    companies worked with: